Becoming a member

Rovaniemen Lastu ry is a student association for educational science students at University of Lapland. We hope that also our international students will join us.

To become Lastu’s member you have to pay a membership fee (40€). It’s payed only once and it gives you a membership for a lifetime. To become member you have to study educational science, adult education or media education as major subject at University of Lapland.

When you are member of Lastu you can get our orange overalls and attend to all Lastu’s happenings – many of them are only for members. For example as a member you can attend to our movie nights, wine- and cheese evening and sitsfests! Lastu’s members can also join to Lastu’s e-mail list. Best way to know what’s happening is to follow Lastu’s facebook page and other social media. We try our best to inform everything also in English.


There are to steps in joining Rovaniemen Lastu ry. Be sure to complete them both.


Receiver: Rovaniemen Lastu ry
Account number: IBAN: FI45 5640 0240 1327 82 / BIC: OKOYFIHH
Amount: 40€
Message: Membership fee / YOUR NAME (for example: “Membership fee / John Smith”)


After payment please send a message to, which includes:

Title: Lastu’s membership
– Your first and last name
– Year you started studies at University of Lapland
– E-mail
– Home country